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A Different Dance (Nash Summers)

A Different Dance - Nash Summers

When I read Sara's review of this short story, I thought, "Huh, she seemed so passionate about this, let me gave it a shot".

Guess what ... I think I'm SMITTEN

Now, I will say this upfront, the theme of this story is not new. A boy has a crush on another boy -- whom truly is a jerk and not worth the first boy's love. And when the first boy gets his heart break there's another boy, who shows that promising beautiful love together.

Oh, yes, not a new theme, but my GOSH, this one makes me all happy. It is fluff without the sugary-induced coma. Casey is such sweet boy and I love his colorful friends too (even if it's a bit stereotypical best-friends characters, but man, the two entertain me, especially Kansas). And Ethan, ah, darling Paul Bunyan who likes watching Disney ... *heart on hand*.

Seriously, when Ethan says these words:

"Good. Because I’m going to try so hard to make you love me.

You betcha I have the HUGE SMILEY on my face as I want to wrap these boys in my embrace and send them to their happily ever after.

My niggle is more on the fact that the whole built-up in the beginning with the step-mom and step-sisters is never brought to the surface. But all in all, this is such a perfect read for in between novels.