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Over the Edge (Jonathan Kellerman)

Over The Edge  - Jonathan Kellerman

I think this review said exactly how I felt about this.

This book was long. And it FELT long. Why? Because OMG so many talks and not enough action. There were very detailed talks about drugs and prescriptions, and some scientific things. I got headaches over it. In the beginning, Alex also talked to his friend Lou about bonds and financial stuffs. Again, my eyes started to blur. It went on and on and on and on.

Plus not enough Milo. Because when Milo and Alex zooming in on the murderers, that scene was awesome. I also mildly appreciated that even if the crime started with murders against male prostitutes and there was some bigotry attitude, it didn't come down to simply crimes against gays (or deviants).

I still liked Alex and I still want to read all of these books (up to the current one). But this one was just okay and slightly forgettable for me.