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Where Are Those 5* Read??!

I know that I am very picky in giving books 5-stars rating. BUT by this month last year -- excluding Merthur fanfic that I loved to pieces -- I rated 5 books with 5 stars. While now, I have only rated 3 (and one was actually a re-read of an expanded short story, so it didn't really count).


Where are those 5-stars books?!? Why is it getting harder and harder for me to actually rate 5-stars. Maybe I have higher and higher standard??? GAH! Frustrating!


On a different note, by the way, I just found out that a free fiction that I loved so much Art Criticism by BlueGhostGhost (read this in 2012, gave it 5-stars) was now being published at LT3; check out the cover. Maybe I should re-read this when it is released.


It's Saturday night ...