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The Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir - Anyta Sunday

Confession: I never read any story by Anyta Sunday before. I heard she wrote sweet story (and I knew my friend, Arthur liked her stories, so they must be 'safe' for me) but I didn't know why I never tried it. Well, dear Emma gave this to me as a gift -- since I was being sick and all, wasn't she the best?! -- and I thought, Christmas story in November? Why not :)

Sigh ... what a lovely story this was!! Emma is right, Ms. Sunday writes such sweet-boy-next-door kind of stories, that is right up my alley.


Truthfully, the story moved to a direction that I didn't think of when I first read the blurb -- or when I read how Jase wanted to give the best Christmas tree ever for his crush, Noah. However, at the same time, it was the beauty of it. Sometimes love came from sideways, from unexpected corner, rather than from straight-line roads.

I loved everyone here. I loved Jase for being insecure about his feeling and his monologues on how he worried that Noah would fall in love with the best friend, Dave, was cute. I thought Jase's idea for the magic Douglas Fir was brilliant and adorable and thoughtful. I thought Scott was an adorable brother. I thought Noah was sweet and wonderful guy. I thought Dave was lovely and I was happy that he got his happy ending.

Definitely put me inside a warm fuzzy bubble -- and since this is my first Anyta Sunday's, I'm delighted that it means I have more stories of Ms. Sunday that I can try.