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NYPD Red  - James Patterson, Marshall Karp 3.5 starsNote to self: The blurb is enough to act as reminder about the whole story.Technicality: 1st person POV for Zach, but 3rd person POV for the others.Thoughts:First, I find it interesting that the main narrator's partner used to be his ex-girlfriend in the academy but she is now happily married with someone else. Zach (the MC) admits that he is still in love with his now-partner, Kylie, but at the same time, he is decent enough not to do anything about it. In fact, he seems to want to pursue things with another. Which is good.The action part of this story is pretty fast-paced. Within three days, The Chameleon is able to poison his victim, uses another actor to shoot her co-worker, and throws Molotov bomb with Ryan Seacrest as commentator. It keeps moving ahead without breaks.However, at the same time, it does feel lacking of twist to make it a worthy thriller though. I don't know if it means to be that way (not meant as thriller, I mean) but it seems everything is going on the favor of the detectives quickly. I never get to that point where I feel that the detectives are losing the game and needs to fight their way to get ahead of the bad guy. Also, as the main narrator, Zach seems to be "behind" Kylie all the time; like he is more pragmatic than his partner. So I miss a bit agressive attitude from the MC.But all in all, I enjoy this quite well. Not in love with it, but it passes as good read.