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Reclaimed - Cari Z. Personally, book #3 is my favorite among the three novellas. I still categorize this as romantic suspense (with paranormal touch). If in book #2, Shadowed, Reese is the one being kidnapped, this time Daniel is the one whose life is being dangerously threatened by the same villain. It comes into a psychotically insane territory and what Daniel must experiences when he is kidnapped is much worse than Reese's (I think the villain's obsession towards Reese is the main motive, which makes the villain is gleeful in torturing Daniel, while taking Daniel's blood in order to imitate Daniel and seduces Reese).I am also happy that this story touches the issue that I mentioned in book #2, regarding Reese's job as art thief. Sure, it feels nicely tied up with a bow, but I find it satisfying (at least, Reese's thief friends are still working as thieves, only one follows Reese's step).My niggle though, since this story is written solely from Daniel's perspective (with first person POV), I miss the action coming from Reese and his friends when they rescue Daniel ...