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Appearing Nightly - Cat Grant Characterization, self-conflict, courting, and chemistry ... this book has it all. To be completely honest, I even feel that this one is so much better than the first book, except for one niggle. I love the contrast stark between Mike (and his "Diva Michelle) and Ryan. Mike with his loud existence, wearing his Michelle persona loudly. While Ryan, is more timid (probably has to do with his not-so-happy past), struggling in between conflict feeling of accepting himself as gay. The chemistry is there but gosh, the intense push and pull is also there. I'm totally invested in them, more than I was with Cam and Trev in the first story. I think it also helps that the story tells the views from both Mike and Ryan ... Mike using 1st person and Ryan using 3rd person. So Ryan doesn't come as a complete mystery and I can fall for him easily.My only niggle is Mike's reaction when he finds out about Ryan's past. I don't know, I just think it's overdone. Especially when he knows Cam and what Cam does and still want to be Cam's best friend. So he should've tried to understand Ryan's position more. BUT, it's not really a huge issue that can make me hate it. Nope, just a little niggle, and this is still an amazing story. Wonder if Ms. Grant will revisit this family again with other characters, 'cause I don't mind reading about the four again.