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Full Release - Marshall Thornton 2.5 starsThe thing is, I think the plot and what the MC is doing in this story to get him to the position of "person of interest" is just silly. Matt hires a masseuse (with benefits) then a day later accepts a date from him and then the masseuse ends up dead -- and even if Matt is a "person of interest" in the eyes of the police officers (because he keeps spurting lies since he doesn't want the deceased family to know that their son was working as a masseuse?!?!) but Matt is never spends time in jail? Really? Is that how it works?? Then of course Matt decides to clear his name by joining the ad for the masseuse, and actually good at it ...I don't know, there are just things that made me roll my eyes reading this because it's just doesn't make sense to me. Like the whole investigation is a joke :(. Oh, well, at least I think Matt's friend, Peter, is hilarious in terms of being ridiculously selfish ^_^