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The Mister Trophy  - Frank Tuttle One of my favorite M/M authors like this series better than Harry Dresden, so I decide to give it a try. It's a short story, and by the number (#1), I figure that it is supposed to be like an introduction, right? Unfortunately, I'm not blown away. There isn't enough world-building for me to get understand what is going on. Some references are given but not enough explanations. I wonder what Markhat's occupation actually is (is he like The Finder in Bones series?) -- and he doesn't really come to me as competent, considering that all he does is just challenging the half-dead, running in the sewers with the Trolls, gets captured, gets his arms broken by the Master of Half-Dead, and gets rescued by the Trolls. Plus, it's not like he has a real power, right? Sure there are some funny quips, but for me snark TRUMPS funny anytime. So no, Harry Dresden still wins my heart.I do love the three Trolls (Mister Smith, Mister Jones, and Mister Chin) :). They're delightful and I totally enjoy every scenes they are in. In fact, they're pretty much what save this short story for me, instead of the main hero (Markhat) himself (and probably the reason why I can still give it 3-stars). Check out this scene for example....“What about ‘we fight, we die?’” I asked. “What happened to bravery and heroism?”Mister Smith rolled his eyes. “Load of crap,” he said. “Time to fight, we fight. Time to run, we run. Now is time to run. With haste.”...I don't know if I will continue with the series ... but I see that the next one is also short. So maybe, but not now ...