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Vamparazzi: An Esther Diamond Novel - Laura Resnick 3.5 starsTwo months after the events in book #3, Esther is now starring in an off-Broadway play about vampires, The Vampyres ... and of course, manage to get herself in trouble with real ones :). I agree with one of the reviews for the series, that Esther Diamond is like Stephanie Plum for urban fantasy. Though not as humorous as book #1 and #2, this book still triggers out-loud laugh, especially when portraying crazy actors and the insane fans. My loudest and longest laugh is during the part where the detective tries to talk to the actors about the murder. So funny!!! There are not many of the previous characters appearing here; but the newest ones are adorable too. Especially Esther's actor friend, Lieschneidel. There is a rather surprising information about Esther's agent, Thack. And how I WISH that Lopez and Esther's relationship blooms again, but alas, not in this book.Oh, and after three books, we finally get the story behind Max's hang-up with Lithuanians!!