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All Roads Lead To You - Harper Fox Three years ago, Sam was an up and raising model, ready to take the world, when he met Lauro in Rome, and fell in love with the pizza boy. But three years ago, Lauro refused to take Sammy to meet his family, and they had a fight. Thinking that Lauro wasn't ready to came out to the family or that Lauro was ashamed of him, Sam decided to take the career opportunity to New York and left Lauro behind. But New York hasn't been kind, and Sam returned to Rome not long after that. When he crosses his path with Lauro tonight, Sam is older, wiser. But his ex-lover has grown up too ... and also the fact that Sam is not the same young man Lauro remembered. Could it be possible for the two of them to have second chance in love?----------Turns out that all Harper Fox needs to do to charm me over is writing a short story :). Yes, I am ALWAYS weary when I consider reading one of hers. Her convoluted and busy writing style is a pain. Even if the story is beautiful, the reading experience itself is exhausting -- trying to work through all of those (difficult) poetic wordings. Not this time though. Probably because it is a short story (only around 50 pages in my Kindle) -- the words are less difficult. In fact, I think this is the first time I find her writing to be more simple, although she still has that beautiful and poetic sense to it. In result, I'm in love with it. Plus, the story has one of my favorite tropes -- the one that got away. Sam's downfall from his career, his reserved position when meeting his ex-lover, and Lauro's coldness stature brings out an angst to the story. Ms. Fox plays the yearning and the longing and the angst just the right balance. I get my heart squeezed tight several times over reading this...."I wasn't lovely any more, because after I left you and I realised what I'd lost, all the lights you put inside me disappeared, that sweet intangible something that put my face on billboards all over Rome....The description of Rome is captivating -- and I think the Italian words are done carefully (I hope. I don't know Italian though, maybe someone with the grasp of Italian language can judge it better). It's near perfect for me. The only niggles are the sub-plot of Lauro being part of the Mafia family and the ending is not a firm HEA because Lauro's connection to the mafia. So Lauro and Sam just decide to run away together. It stops there though, so we don't know whether they make it out from Rome.Personally, it is simply the most memorable story from her ...