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Daybreak - Keira Andrews 3.5 starsThis sequel to Eight Nights, for me, suffers from the amount of sex scenes. I keep lowering the level of my liking it every time Lucas and Nate smexxing. In fact, they seem to have sex everytime they finish talking. It has never been (and will NEVER be) the kind of story I enjoy. So don't ask me whether the sex scenes are hot or not, I just skip through it.Luckily, the story still has a story to be told outside the sex. Still written from Lucas's perspective, it takes the timeline about 8 months after their his and Nate's hookup in previous Hanukah. Now, Lucas is moving in with Nate and enrolls to NYU. But Lucas still has insecurities that results in him making the mistake ... yes people, Lucas cheated on Nate; not actual penetration, he just receives a blowjob from a stranger in a club, when Nate just walks out for a moment. I was warned by a couple of reviews, so I was prepared.From the first book, I realize that Lucas is less seasoned than Nate. Moving a lot with his family in his childhood makes him feel alone most of the time. He also loses his family, and he doesn't have enough friends ... so whenever gorgeous and popular people want to be friend with him, he's bewildered and confused. Nate has been the first person that gives Lucas the attention, and by being so, Nate has been Lucas's center of the universe. So he is worried if he loses that. Yep. Insecure.It helps that the story is written from Lucas's perspective. He acknowledges his lack of judgment. He knows he made a mistake and he is very, very sorry about that. I always think that when there's enough begging, and there's true love, forgiveness could be given. So the story is more engangingly emotional --- and I could've given it higher rating if not for ALL the sex!!!