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Earth and Sky - Zahra Owens 3.5 starsIn book #1 (Clouds and Rain), we already know that Hunter (Gable's neighbor rancher) and Grant (Gable's ex) hook up. In this book, we read the process of them doing so. Starting from Grant taking the job at Hunter's ranch, the two of them acting on their attraction, until they settle down.I have to say that I love their story better than Gable and Flynn. Not because it feels superior but because it's slightly "richer" in drama. Gable and Flynn are mostly alone in their ranch. No family for them, except for their friend, Calley and her husband Bill. So their story is a bit quiet (even if it has intense moments). While in this book, Hunter has three sisters, one brother-in-law, a nephew, and a mother still living in the ranch. Plus, Hunter has never been with a man before, even if he is attracted to Grant (while Grant was still working in Gable's ranch), so there is a progress from him acting on it, him realizing that he is in love with Grant and wants to be with a man, and comes out to the rest of the family.Grant is also more "mysterious" than Flynn. He has the "bad image", of leaving Gable when Gable is in need. He has unexplainable leaves of absence. Two things that make Hunter sometimes worry about their relationship. Of course, when it comes to it, Grant has a good explanation. Grant is also not a man that easily says "I love you" to anyone. So, I definitely enjoy the two men finding each other, learning to be in a solid relationship.So, this book feels livelier than "Clouds and Rain" ... By the way, Hunter's family is not without their own drama. Which adds the flavor to the story and is a GREAT plot for soap opera *lol*PS: If I have complaint, it's probably the repeat use of nickname. Grant calls Hunter "Cowboy" even in the lovemaking scene (sometimes repeatedly). I always feel that calling nickname in that most intimate moments is like keeping a distance, not acknowledging who he is with. But it's small niggle, of course, and it's due to my own preference.