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The Wrong Side of Goodbye (Michael Connelly)

The Wrong Side of Goodbye - Michael Connelly
You’re a good detective and you’re going to miss it. Look at me, scratching and fighting to keep a badge on my belt at my age. It’s in the blood. You’ve got cop DNA.

Bosch is back and this is another SOLID Bosch. Working as private detective, Bosch takes a case where he needs to find an heir for a billionaire that may or may not existed. At the same time, since he also lands a job as reserve officer for the tiny San Fernando Police Department, Bosch works to find out a serial rapist that on the loose...

I loved BOTH cases; although I must say that the missing heir case worked me more emotionally. There were heartbreaking facts that Bosch discovered; plus it took his memory back to the time when he was a tunnel rat back during Vietnam war. I liked the serial rapist case as well, but it didn't move me as much as the missing heir case.

So I'm definitely happy that Bosch is fighting tooth and nail to keep working, despite his official retirement and the aftermath of his lawsuit towards the L.A.P.D...