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When to Hold Them (G.B. Gordon)

When to Hold Them - G.B. Gordon

I immediately bought this book (yay for discount :p) after I finished Bluewater Blues because I fell in love with Gordon's writing. I loved the fact that these two books only related to Bluewater in terms of surroundings. I read the earlier books but I have never been a fan of romance about famous people. I prefer the guys and gals next door; which is probably why small town romance is one of my favorites.

Anyway, I loved this as well!! Loved it. Gosh, I think I can add G.B. Gordon books in the Bluewater Bay universe to my watch-list. I just loved his characters and their troubles. And Gordon's writing! For me Gordon's writing made me feel like being wrapped inside a warm blanket when I read it.

I thought Doran as adorable with his crush over Xavier, but I also loved him for fighting with his gambling addiction. I loved Xavier for immediately wanting to protect Doran but at the same time also fighting his internal struggle of controlling one in the bedroom. I even enjoyed their scenes in the bedroom, probably because I loved these characters that I wanted to devour every scenes they had together.

It probably didn't start as a 'balanced' relationship before, with Doran more like a wounded puppy that needed to be taken care of in the beginning. But I think they both are going to be just fine in the end.

Bottom line a very good hurt/comfort read for me :)