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Murder Between the Pages (Josh Lanyon)

Murder Between the Pages - Josh Lanyon

2.5 stars

Sigh. I couldn't even raised enough enthusiasm to place this on my 3-stars category. Considering I just had streaks of enjoyable stories (four in a row!) that I loved, this was a bummer :(

And I love Josh Lanyon!! It never feels right giving her stories below 3-stars!

However, this one felt dry and lackluster. The first chapter actually reminded me so much of the Holmes & Moriarity book, my initial thought was, "wait, can an author copies her own previously released work?" In addition Felix and Leonard's voice of narration were SO similar, I couldn't separate the two. When I put down the novella for a while and then picked up again, I couldn't remember who was whom!

For me, it lacked the 'punch-to-my-gut-wreck-my-heart' emotion that I usually assign to Lanyon's stories. Heck, it didn't even have Lanyon's brand of humor that usually helps when the story isn't passionate enough. The chemistry between the two main characters was missing; up to the point where I thought the fact that Felix and Leonard ended up sleeping together later in the book as preposterous.

And last, I didn't really care enough for the mystery -- the first victim was a stranger to me as a reader (so he was murdered, big deal!) and the second one -- well, okay, I felt bad enough for the second victim but not enough to root for finding his murderer.

Overall, this was a forgettable, a let down read *sad face*