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Friendly Fire (Cari Z)

Friendly Fire - Cari Z.
3.75 stars rounded up

I think I have good record track with Cari Z. -- which was why I asked for the ARC from Riptide/Netgalley for this one. I deliberately didn't re-read the blurb before I started, so I was going in blind. Well, turned out that I really enjoyed it. Most especially because of the suspense/mystery element.

Cari Z. writing is good, I was entertained the whole way through, even if I was guessing where the story would go from the beginning. I think the moment that Lennox and Elliott met, then the threats towards Elliot was escalated, the mystery fan in me was rejoicing. Oh yes, the mystery ... sure, we knew the players and their identity might not be too surprising but I enjoyed how Cari Z. added the slight twist to it. If you like your mystery in romance, this should be in your consideration.

However, if you want to get more straightfoward romance ... I might be slightly tentative to fully recommend it. The thing is, while I thought Elliot and Lennox had the right amount of chemistry, but there was potential of some hurt/comfort elements that never fully materialized. Lennox was suffering from PTSD after the friendly fire that he experienced in Afghanistan. But he never really opened up to Elliot about it. We did have scenes of him talking to therapist, but never exactly with Elliott.

So the emotion that came from them was slightly lacking and I never really certain on how they reached to the point of that lovey-dovey epilogue. Did they ever touch the issue of Lennox's nightmares. Did Lennox finally share that part of his life to Elliot? Because to me that is also important ...

In any case, this was another solid book from Cari Z. for me. Heck, I even enjoyed the sex scenes!! They were not plenty and I thought they were pretty HAWT. Just right amount of sex scenes made me so very happy ^^

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