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A Christmas Hex (Jordan L. Hawk)

A Christmas Hex: Winter Wonderland Collection - Jordan L. Hawk

3.5 stars

I immediately bought A Christmas Hex when I received newsletter from Jordan L. Hawk. I loved this world of witches and their familiars, so I was happy when I knew she released a new one, albeit being a short story.

This time, the story moves away from the detectives over at Metropolitan Witch Police. Instead we have Roland, a wolf familiar who also a writer as well as an Irish-Chinese private detective, Augustus Cao, who happens to be Roland's witch.

The story is written solely from Roland's perspective. I thought being a wolf familiar, an animal that is not exactly a tame pet to begin with, Roland has more stories to tell. Roland is thrown out by his family, afraid of his animal form. He struggles to tell Cao about him being a wolf as well, fearing that Cao will reject him in fear. I didn't miss Cao's perspective at all....

The story was pretty quick -- it was short after all. But I didn't feel that Roland and Cao's attraction as instant. Maybe because Roland said that he had been visiting the restaurant where Cao worked undercover for a while now. So their beginning had been built for a while, albeit off pages.

Definitely a lovely addition to the Hexworld universe. Put a huge smile on my face when I finished :)