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Every Heart a Doorway (Seanan McGuire)

Every Heart a Doorway - Seanan McGuire

3.5 stars

This book came to my attention after El over at Just Love Romance reviewed it back in July. El raved over this but what captured me the most was when she mentioned that the main character, Nancy, was an asexual. So a couple of days ago, I decided to give it a go

Well, I liked it; I didn't love it though. I guess it was a bit weird for me? Plus somehow I had a difficult time to feel emotionally invested to these characters ... except for Kade. I thought he was the most interesting one; his story heartbreaking, being thrown out from the world he stumbled upon because of the wrong gender. I probably also liked Jack, the mad scientist in this book.

The rest, including Nancy as the main character sounded a bit whiny to me. Their inability to move on, to keep moaning about wanting to go back kind of grated my nerves. This is probably I'm not very good with young adult characters in over all (*embarrassed*). Because at several points, I want to say to them, SNAP OUT OF IT!!

But I admit that once the dead girls with missing body parts started to appear, my interest was gone up. Even if I was able to guess the answer of the murder-mystery before it was revealed. The murder-mystery added action and thrill to the whole story. It also gave the chance for these kids to actually do something meaningful, not just moaning over the fact that were in the human world.

I also liked that it was pretty gruesome. In fact, I probably needed more bodies. Huh, I sound like a psychopath, do I?

I see that there's another story in this universe released next year? I might check it out because it seems pretty short as well. However, I'm not making it a top priority though....