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Dead Ground (Adam J. Wright)

Dead Ground (Harbinger P.I. Book 4) - Adam J Wright

It took me a few days to finish this one, but I still thought it was another good addition to the series. My inability to read it in one sitting have something to do with my mood of reading more romance-y read. Because the pace itself was pretty fast, and it was quite action-y.

Felicity's on-time screen is a little less here (she's in England), so I was actually VERY happy to see more Leon helping out Alec this time. They go to Canada to help Alec's old mentor, to deal with murders and end up having to protect Lady of the Forest from vampires. It's not that I don't like Felicity, I just don't want Alec to be involved in some sort of relationship with her just yet.

I thought there was a great twist in regards to Midnight Cabal, in terms of Alec's mother is actually a member?!?. And that ending, with Alec getting Excalibur from Lady of the Lake; that should give Alec a chance to fight Midnight Cabal, right?