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Babe in the Woodshop (Ashlyn Kane, Claudia Mayrant, C.J. Burke)

Babe in the Woodshop - Ashlyn Kane, Claudia Mayrant, CJ Burke

3.5 stars

Light, low drama, low angst, easy read of romance in a small-town. I thought the relationship was good, and I appreciated the progress from strangers to lovers. The small-town vibe was positive towards these gay men and I loved the secondary characters, most notably Lady Frances the cat.

Having said that, the ending was way too abrupt and the characters didn't truly stand out somehow (except when Bell confronting his mother). In fact, in the future, the one thing I would truly remember about this book was the fact that Chris made artisanal, organic, hand-waxed wooden dildos and Bell made an Etsy shop to sell them online ^^.