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Crime Wave (Adam Carpenter)

Crime Wave - Adam Carpenter

3.5 stars

Jimmy McSwain is back ... this time he deals with a case that is closed to home (his sister's boyfriend is accused of murder) and another case that reminds him of his father's murder fifteen years previously. In between, Captain Francis X. Frisano of the NYPD is also making his move towards Jimmy.

I thought this was an enjoyable mystery with gay protagonist. I liked it, although at times I thought Jimmy has too much of internal monologue when it comes to relationship as well as his father's murder that keeps haunting him. Oh, and I also thought that the story was getting closer to the ... "every suspects/victims are gay trope" that I commonly found in MM mystery. Does a gay P.I. only take cases with LGBTQ clients? Just wondering.

Anyway, I definitely will read the next books. Might not be my 4-stars material as of now but still likable for me. I like having an MM-mystery series to follow.