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Ghost Ship (Neil S. Plakcy)

Ghost Ship (Mahu Investigations) (Volume 10) - Neil Plakcy

3.75 stars rounded up

There is a four-years jump between this latest book of Mahu series and the previously released one, Children of Noah. So Kimo and Mike's twins are now four years old (though mostly live with their mothers, so they are not on page a lot), and their twenty-year-old foster son Dakota a sophomore at the University of Hawai’i.

The book itself focuses more on Kimo and his partner of nine years (work partner, not life partner) Ray, to investigate who is responsible of sending hazardous material via ship that killed a family of four. This investigation takes Kimo and Ray across cities and continents, from Hawai'i to Japan to Seattle to Idaho.

I liked that it focused on the investigation. I thought Kimo and Mike's relationship had been going on for a decade and was solid enough, that I didn't need a lot of romantic moments between them. ALTHOUGH, it was clear that Mike wasn't too happy with Kimo's work as an FBI, because he could stay quite a long time from home to catch the bad guys. I could understand that -- and heck, Ray's wife, Julie also felt the same. I thought it felt quite down to earth; I am sure that being FBI's spouses are not an easy feat.

I'm quite interested in where Placky will take this series, actually, if he decides to continue. Kimo and Ray seem to think about doing other jobs now, one that make them closer to their family. Mike also seems to think about doing something else. These guys are in their 40's now, with kids on their tails, so probably they will end up getting a job that doesn't feel too dangerous? I don't know, I'm very curious about their future decision. Although I do hope that Ray doesn't follow Julie and his plan to leave Hawai'i. I am going to miss him, he's been Kimo's work partner since book #4!

I deducted the rating a bit because there was a moment where I was a bit annoyed with Kimo's way of thinking about how to deal with terrorists. Not going to discuss it much but I thought it felt arrogant ...