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Taming the Wyld (Lucie Archer)

Taming the Wyld (States of Love) - Lucie Archer

2.5 stars

The idea was intriguing -- I sure like to read about playboy being reformed. But the execution was lacking.

I know that the idea was probably to make Jake worked on this new relationship with JD. However, I didn't feel the chemistry or the sexual tension, and it seemed that Jake and JD (urgh, two MCs with same letter to start their name) spent more time apart rather than building up the relationship. I felt that Jake had more time shared with his best friend rather than JD.

So, the romance was MEH ... I reached around 1/3 before I started skimming. Also the Alaska setting didn't come fully alive in my humble opinion. Which was too bad, since the setting was one of the biggest reasons of my choosing this.