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The Soldier's Scoundrel (Cat Sebastian)

The Soldier's Scoundrel - Cat Sebastian
I had to take a second look when I first saw this cover ... I read quite a number of releases from Avon, but this might be the first time they had full-length M/M novel. Correct me if I am wrong, though. I have slowly started to love M/M historical regency romance for the past couple of years. So this made me all excited.

I thought the romance was ADORABLE. The characterizations of Oliver and Jack, two men from different class in the society was well-told. It also has a well-written enemies-to-lovers theme (not usually my favorite trope because I often find the change to lovers to be unbelievable) where the relationship progress is slow-burn but still decorated with delicious undeniable sexual chemistry and tension.

I was giddy when I read Oliver and Jack's first kiss, I enjoyed their latter kisses, heck I even devoured ALL the steamy moments (yep, no skimming this time). Usually a sign on how I think the romance works, when I also enjoy the sex scenes ^^

I did have problem a bit with the pacing. The beginning was a bit slow. I admit that the story didn't immediately grab my attention. It was only when Oliver finds out about his brother-in-law, and then they travel to Pickworth to gather more information about the Wraxhalls that I couldn't put it down. Also I thought Jack was a little bit too stubborn near the end, even if I loved how Oliver tries to prove Jack wrong. Oliver is nothing if not determined *lol*

I can't wait for Georgie's story next year. YAY for new MM historical-romance series to follow ^^