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More Than Okay (Bru Baker)

More Than Okay - Bru Baker

If the author is trying to write a story about “how you can screw up your relationship after being together for seven years because of lack of communication” well, I think Bru Baker succeeded. Because that is what I took from this short story when I finished. And it didn’t feel good.

Nope. Not at all.

The thing is, the story is written solely from Jake’s perspective. So as a reader, I could ‘feel’ his growing concerns and worries with Connor who seemed to get further away from their relationship with his secrecy. However, at the same time, Jake doesn’t exactly do anything about it either. He never really asks Connor about it, he keeps things bottled inside, even if he starts thinking the worst including whether Connor is cheating on him.

Look, the way I see it, while trust is very important in a relationship, blind trust is not exactly healthy either. It’s not about whether you trust your partner or not, it’s about … let’s say it together … COMMUNICATION.

And the revelation about what Connor had been keeping as secret from Jake just made me very, very annoyed. No, Connor. You don’t really make that kind of decision without asking your partner of SEVEN YEARS. I mean, are you effing kidding me?!

So with heavy heart, I cannot recommend this one. But of course, everyone’s tolerance with the miscommunication trope may vary with mine; yours can be higher and don’t see this as a problem. At least this one is short. *shrugs*

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