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Snowfall on Haven Point (RaeAnne Thayne)

Snowfall on Haven Point - RaeAnne Thayne

I always love going back to Haven Point, the small fictional town that RaeAnne Thayne created and it was good that this year, we had two entries of this series.

We met Andrea and Marshall from the previous book, Riverbend Road, which was released last June. Andrea “Andie” Montgomery is a single Mom who ran away with her kids to Haven Point, to escape his rapist slash stalker slash his deceased-husband’s partner (yes, than man was THAT disgusting). While Marshall is the older brother of Wyn Bailey, the heroine of that book.

I loved Andie’s development in this book. I thought she had come a long way to overcome her fear as well as her devastated feeling after losing her husband and then experienced that horrible rape. It was not easy for her, knowing that she could fall in love again with a law enforcement officer like Marshall. Basically, everything good as well as bad that happened with her previously more or less had something to do with cops. Since she was helping Marshall in this book – after he was run down with a car – I thought Andie’s concern was justified.

I enjoyed Marshall’s progress too, from being a grumpy, not-needing-any-help-thanks man to open himself with the chance of happiness. I loved his interaction with Andie’s kids (they were ADORABLE, by the way). I also loved Marshall’s approach, albeit tentative, to his teenage son – whom he never communicate for the past 13 years due to … circumstances – I thought he did just fine there.

Aside from the romance – which is another clean one, just kiss, no sex – there was a mystery bit regarding who ran Marshall down. I admit that I couldn’t guess who it was so I thought the resolution was pretty satisfying. Plus it gave a chance for Andie to show that she could kick some ass.

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