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Unsafe Exposure (Kaje Harper)

Unsafe Exposure - Kaje Harper

*~*~* SPOILER REVIEW *~*~*

I love Kaje Harper's Hidden Wolves series. The previous book was released 2 years ago so I got pretty excited when she announced that there would be a new book released this year.

One thing that needed to be said ... dang Kaje Harper can write! I definitely loved how she played around with the werewolves culture. For example, in book #3, Unjustified Claims, Kaje introduced Brandt and Ethan -- Brandt is the werewolf with non-human strength but he loves to dress in lingerie and garter, and be the one being f*cked. Now, in Unsafe Exposure, Kaje again introduced a unique dynamic of the couple and their roles in the Pack.

Dylan Shore never knows that he is a werewolf, so he never shifts and he doesn't understand the rules of being a werewolf. On the other hand, Alex is Fourteen in his pack, and whenever people see the two of them, they will never see Alex as Alpha material. But the Alpha bond that happens between Alex and Dylan put Alex as the Alpha and Dylan the Second.

To me, this was VERY interesting to read!! How Alex is conflicted because he himself doesn't think that he's Alpha enough for Dylan -- oh and Alex also tends to be more submissive than the younger Dylan. How does it challenge other werewolves to see their relationship and act on it? It probably looks like Dylan is the big bouncer or bodyguard to his Alex, with his Alpha tendency even if his role in this two-wolves Pack is as Second. It moved away from the common Alpha/mate concept in shifters world, and this is the strength of this series, IMHO.

Aside from this dynamic, this book also put me on the edge of my seat, with the development of werewolves coming out into the world. It was thrilling and suspenseful!! Especially because there were casualties from both sides (humans and werewolves) and I didn't think that it would be resolved soon.

With this note, there must be further book in the series, right? Because there are still loose-ends! What about the further consequences of werewolves coming out ... and what about Aaron and Zach (will they ever have their mate bond?).