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Trick Play (Alison Hendricks)

Trick Play (Eastshore Tigers #3) - Alison Hendricks
3.75 stars rounded up

Sometimes a book fits what I want to read / present mood. To be perfectly honest, in any other day, this might fall in my 3.5* rating category. But I read this one after not being too satisfied with my last book. So by comparison, this wins my heart because I enjoyed it a whole lot.

At first I was a bit ambivalent with the idea of fake-relationship for the sake of giving the team the Rainbow identity. I LOVE friends-to-lovers trope but I tend to strongly dislike fake-relationship for marketing/promo purpose. So I wasn't sure whether I was going to completely like this book.

Well ... I ended up loving Luke and Brandon so much. This is one of the examples where the friends-to-lovers theme was executed pretty well. Sure, there was angst (since Brandon has been pretty much in love with Luke for years) but it was the right amount. I even enjoyed their first sexy time and devoured the scene without skimming!!

My biggest problem was probably Luke's father. I mean I was happy that he didn't end up kicking out his son when Luke admit that he was bisexual and involved with Brandon. But his change of heart didn't ring true based on his attitude prior to the heart-to-heart talk. I wasn't completely convinced with that scene to be honest.

But the epilogue was sweet and brought a HUGE smile to my face. Yep, this one was a winner.