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Twice Shy (Kate Sherwood)

Twice Shy (Shelter) (Volume 3) - Kate Sherwood

Ever since I read what happened to Micah in Lap Dog, I have been wanting to read his story. I even asked Kate via Tweet to know when the book was being released! Yeah, I was kind of impatient! Was it what I wanted?

Well, one thing for sure, Twice Shy wasn't always an easy book to read.

With Micah being an ex-addict who was on his way to be better, and Jake the older brother of another addict, at times I was really worried about how these two were going to make it. Reading about addicts is never easy -- and it shouldn't be easy, I think. I have long-distant cousins who died because of drugs, even if they went to rehab. So I know that it's a constant struggle for them.

So this book made me laugh, cried, angry, agitated, proud, all within 200+ pages. I laughed because I loved Micah's attitude -- and he could be funny. I cried because there was this one huge heartbreaking event, that pretty much change the course of the series (and I am sure will be a major plot for the final book). I was angry because I thought Jake was being unfair to Micah, and he didn't grovel enough, IMHO. I was agitated because, well, the addiction element. I was proud because Micah and Jake made it to the end.

Guess what, Kate Sherwood just did it again for me!! Now I can't wait for Trey's story. I would probably poke Kate again in the very near future asking for release date *lol*