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Take Two (Shira Anthony)

Take Two - Shira Anthony

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I don't have issue with Wesley moving in with another guy when he is still technically married with Sam -- Wesley and Sam have been separated for quite a while and apparently Wesley hasn't consummated this new relationship yet. Although the part with Carl sleeping with his boss is totally cliche, and I can see THAT plot million miles away.

My issue is more on the storytelling, it felt lacking any needed emotion!! Oh, I know, I read on how Wesley was conflicted, that he still had feelings for Sam, and Sam was still in love with him even if he kept repeating his mistakes, but I never felt it.

There wasn't any that punch-in-the-gut-having-my-heart-squeezed-tight sensation ... which was usually the emotion I want to have when reading about estranged lovers who realize they still love one another. In addition, with the whole storm scenes, it made it look like it took forces of nature to make these men working things out *shrugs*.

In my humble opinion, for a reunion trope, this one is pretty dry.