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Playing Fast (Melanie Scott)

Playing Fast: A New York Saints Novel - Melanie Scott

3.75 stars rounded up

He wasn’t Mr. Right but he was the perfect Mr. Wrong

I was really curious with this book because of one reason -- Finn Castro. See, he was the reason why I didn't completely enjoy the previous book, Playing Hard. Finn was a jackass there. I was so annoyed with him. So I wonder how the author will redeem his character in my eyes.

Well, hell, redeem him she did!! Finn is totally different guy here. He has learned his lesson. He followed six-week program to handle his booze consumption (he's not an alcoholic but he has a lot of issues back then). He also keeps his head down and does whatever his new coach at the Preachers tells him to do. Bottom line, he is not going to make trouble because he wants to go back to the Saints.

So yes, I loved Finn. And the one where he clearly showed that he care enough to know more about Eva and his sisters? Oh yes, this young guy got my thumbs up. You're awesome, Finn. I know you had it in you :)

Unfortunately, it was Eva that, well, challenged my patience. I liked the idea of Eva being six-years older than Finn (yay, older heroine!). And to be honest, she didn't really waver on the age gap per se. But Eva kept thinking about the whole "he is leaving, I am leaving" situation, and I thought it was just a bit too superficial of a problem! Especially with Eva's best friend showing that long-distance relationship can work -- and why can't Eva gave it a try first? She's the older one (although she is also only 32-years-old), but she's acting less mature than Finn.

Oh, and I didn't really need the drama that happened with Eva's sister, Audrey. It was way too predictable. And even if that was needed, I was annoyed with Audrey because I thought she is behaving rather selfish before her other sisters make an intervention.

All in all, I still enjoyed this book a lot -- the text exchanges between Eva and Finn in the beginning was adorable. Considering that this is the last book in the New York Sains series, I can consider it as a good ending :)