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The Senator's Secret (K.C. Wells)

The Senator's Secret - K.C. Wells

3.5 stars

I know that K.C. Wells have written a lot of titles already, but since I am not big fan of BDSM book and I associate her with the Collars and Cuffs series, I never pay her books any attention *shrugs*. Then Mbak Lelyana (who got the ARC for this) told me that this was good and she enjoyed it. I thought, heck, why not. Let's give it a try.

Well, for my first experience with Wells, I thought it was good. Not the best I've read but I definitely enjoyed it.

Sure, the situation that threw Sam and Gary to the fake engagement was a little too out there. It had too much of coincidence with Gary not having anyone that can contest the situation (what, no parents, no friends, nobody at all?). Gary seems to take things in stride easily. Our beloved virgin Senator (yep, he cares about politics TOO MUCH that he avoids anything resembling relationship or sexual relationship, ENTIRELY) also ended up giving his V-card a little too fast for my sake, for this stranger.

.... BUT, despite what you could see as complaints there (haha) I guess I was able to suppress my cynical self or any sense of disbelief and enjoyed the ride. It was pretty sweet of a story, and light on angst. There was a progress in relationship from being a total stranger to something more. The sex happened near the end only (which always a positive thing in my book). Plus, there was an AWESOME dog involved (*lol*).

So yep, I really liked it. I thought it definitely fit with the Dreamspun line :)