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Keeping Karma (Tory Temple)

Keeping Karma - Tory Temple

2.5 stars

The blurb for this one from Dreamspinner states “2nd edition”. Truthfully, I didn’t think there was any significant revisions considering what bothered readers from the first edition seemed to still apply in this one. Basically, this probably is the same story with a different cover. A cover that doesn’t even feature the pet ferret whose name becomes the title of this novella!

Anyway, if I can sum the storyline, it is basically scene, scene, sex, sex, sex, scene, sex, sex … yeah, it lacks of plot or anything resembling substance. It’s like an excuse for the characters to have sex anytime, anywhere and the characterizations don’t matter. It’s paper thin at best! Plus, I simply thought that the sex scenes were boring and outdated (including the solo shower scene, which was SO few years ago, darn it!).

The villain is ridiculous, and I swear, why can’t Alex think that the villain is up to no good based on the villain’s track record?

And the whole problem for these two boiled down to Derek not believing about Alex’s ability to speak to animals. That’s it. Which of course was never really fully addressed (because even after they argued, they still thought sex was good!) and talked out.

Then it ended. Just like that.

Yeah, the only thing that I was willing to give an extra star rating to was the animals. They were cute.

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