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Starting New (S.C. Wynne)

Starting New - S.C. Wynne

3.5 stars

I found Francis pretty much likeable as a character. I found his behavior and attitude to be real. I could understand him not easily trusting the Wrights after living in the street for so long. I enjoyed his development, his struggle with being good despite his background, believing that he could be something better. I really liked that even if Francis was cynical, he didn't come as sarcastic jerk.

Randy, on the other hand, was not fully manifested on page for me. Probably because this story was written solely from Francis' perspective. Randy went a little bit hot and cold, and I can probably sympathize with him better if I can understand to his thoughts. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. So even until the very end, I just couldn't connect to Randy and wasn't pretty certain about whether he and Francis were a good match.

What was interesting was the reaction from Randy's parents though. While the scene of Randy telling his Mom and Dad happened off page, but the fact that they didn't immediately embrace their son sexuality, even though they lead an LGBT+ friendly church show that it's not always easy to practice what you preach. I had to give props for it.