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The Sweetest Chase (Sharla Lovelace)

The Sweetest Chase (Heart of the Storm) - Sharla Lovelace



To be honest, I was a little bit concerned reading this novel because Quinn was engaged to another man, despite the fact that it was clear both Quinn and Simon were pining for one another. I am not really a big fan of that trope because I hate to see someone else gets hurt on the process of our H/h to get together.

Well, at least it helped that Eric clearly wasn't the man for Quinn. He didn't see her like Simon did. Eric wanted to control her to be this perfect trophy wife, that suitable for their 'class', and couldn't take Quinn the way that she was. So okay, it was easier for me to accept.

BUT, I also wished that Quinn kicked Eric's ass to the curb quicker. Seriously, Quinn and Simon did NOT get together until over 90% of the book. While they also didn't have sex until then, they still kissed passionately, even admitted that there were feelings. It was a little frustrating for me to read ... it was clear they had chemistry and TONS of feels. I wanted them to get together sooner. I wanted Quinn to stand up to her mother sooner. Duly noted it meant less sexy times (which is fine for me), but getting there was a bit tad too long.

Thankfully Lovelace's writing was really good!! It pulled me in, and despite my frustration I enjoyed heck of it. I also loved seeing the prodigal son, Levi, returned in this book. Hopefully I would get to know more about him. The reality show part was both an ups and downs for me. I mean, I liked the concept of having the gritty/scary part of chasing the storm, but just like The Chases, I was uncomfortable with their personal lives being broadcasted on TV. URGH TV people and their way to look for a story! I seriously wanted to raise hell like Eli did *lol*.

There was some emotional moments here too -- mainly related to Simon and the shelter where he donate his time to. I had tears when I reached that part. The storm chasing part was always good but it was also scary and heartbreaking *sniff*.

All in all, another good read!! I hope there's book #3 and it will come soon.