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Marking Time (C.J. Anthony)

Marking Time - C. J. Anthony

2.75 stars rounded up

The pace felt uneven and the novella seemed more like Adam's story rather than Adam and Chase's; and while I liked the early part with Adam realizing his sexuality for the first time, as well as the talk with his Dad, but I wasn't happy with him later on.

Him breaking up with Chase because of a homophobic team mate who was already despised by others just didn't make sense. Not like Chase was part of the troop. He was all the way in the U.S. for God's sake, and Chase already said that it was okay if Adam wanted to tell everyone that Chase was just a friend with wife and kids.

I rounded up the story because of Chase's Dad (loved that guy), plus this was free as well as it seemed to be Anthony's first dip into writing for Don't Read in the Closet event back in 2012.