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Strong Side (Alison Hendricks)

Strong Side - Alison Hendricks

Sometimes, you are reading a book on the right time/mood/moment. I just finished an urban fantasy ARC book right before I started this one, which I didn't enjoy at all. Therefore, stumbling into this light/easy on the angst/friends-to-lovers romance felt like "the right book at the right moment" situation.

It helped that Derek and Jason were both likable young men. I loved their progress from friends to lovers. I loved that the boys did talk when there seemed to be a misunderstanding between them. I was worried at one point, but I was overjoyed when Derek told Jason firmly, “Look, dude, you’re gonna have to tell me why you’re giving me the cold shoulder if you want me to do something about it.”. Boys who communicate! Hooray!

Heck, I even enjoyed their sexy times, and that even if Jason didn't have experience with guys before, he didn't hesitate too often. Jason knew that he felt differently for Derek and he worked it through. He didn't even hesitate to come out to the team.

So yeah, EASY reading ... and definitely came at the right time. I might not understand anything about the American Football part, but didn't matter. I loved it and it was a total improvement of the lack of enjoyment over the last book I read prior to this. YAY!!!