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Time Lost (C.B. Lewis)

Time Lost - C.B. Lewis

4.5 stars

(Mostly) Very satisfying read. This book clocks in around 118k words and there wasn't a time when I thought it was dragging or that it felt too long. I was totally immersed and IN LOVE with the story and characters. I admit, there were tears as well considering that

I knew of Sanders from Time Waits; despite him being secondary character but he was important to both Dieter and Janos. The fact that his son was now an orphan just BROKE my heart.

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I really loved Lewis' writing -- I thought it was engaging, every scenes/chapters matter. And I LOVED the characters. I loved Kit, for being young, and bumbling, and honest, and quite determined to chase the possibility of being with Jacob. I loved Jacob, for being dedicated to his job, and for being understanding and kind (like when he made that decision about Janos).

I also loved that even if there was age gap between them, this never been a point of angst issue (as sometimes common to happen in May/December story, when the older guy wants the younger guy to 'plow the field' first or whatever). I loved the relationship progress -- it was slow but it was also believable. It didn't based on simply lust. There was a deep connection happening between the two and I loved every single time of spending with them.

The only 'letdown' which stopped this from my perfect 5-stars rating was the fact that I still had questions about the time travel / mystery issue.

So how did Harper know about the time travel technology in the future, if the event that led to TRI's going public with this "secret" was just happened NOW, in the present, with the time jumpers making a big mistake of arriving at the wrong timeline? I also still didn't really understand his motive and how he could develop the gate himself by using Sanders' old data. I felt like there were still loose-ends about the whole thing.

Also, I was quite annoyed with the two different facts regarding Jacob's time on the force. Early on, it said that he was on the force for 20 years. But later, it said to be 30 years. It stood out for me because I kept guessing Jacob's age, especially when he already had a mid-to-late twenties year old son. So was he in the late forties or early fifties? It probably was a small thing but it was one of the things that somehow mattered

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Oh, and for a story that sets around 25-30 years in the future, I still think it was a little fuzzy. I couldn't really feel the future that Lewis painted. Yes, there was new technology like pods and quills ... but the rest didn't feel too "futuristic" for me.

With two novels and a novella, C.B. Lewis has definitely become one of my favorite new-to-me authors of 2016. I am looking forward to more stories from her.