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Falling for Santa Claus (C.J. Anthony)

Falling for Santa Claus - C. J. Anthony

3.5 stars

This is the third Christmas in July collection from Dreamspinner Press, and despite the same rating I've given with Counting Fence Posts, but I can say that this was my favorite so far.

My biggest issue and why I couldn't give it higher was because of the romance. I couldn't help feeling that Jack and Nick hooking up was caused simply because they were the only two gay men at Great Falls. I couldn't feel the chemistry between them. Something lacking to make me believe that Jack and Nick truly fall with one another. Maybe because Nick was mysterious to me, even until the very end.

I love grumpy characters, I really do. But Nick was bordering a little rude to Jack. And I couldn't really understand his rudeness. Yes, he said he thought Jack was going to leave, so he didn't see the reason for them starting relationship of short. But hey, what about friendship? He could start with that, no?

APART from that, I loved the story. I loved the town and its people. I thought Anthony has written a very good small town and its quirks, and also painting a fabulous feel of Christmas. I also loved Jack's narration. I loved the fact that he was a 40+ years old character. I will say this, we need more people above 40 years old too :).