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Alex's Law (Jayce Ellis)

Alex's Law - Jayce Ellis

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nice idea of a story. But man, the culprit (whom I immediately guessed within 10% into the story) and the reason behind the sabotage was so over-the-top ridiculous, it drove me bonkers!!

RANT: I HAVE ENOUGH of women being portrayed as bitchy villains, with their need to convert the gays, and what-not. Especially if the story is written by female authors as well. I have enough of reading women being villain to another women in M/F, when they compete against each other for a love for a man ... so if I am reading one in MM, especially if the reasons were as ridiculous like this one, I am breathing FIRE.

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Besides, I just didn't see what the good was in Lawson *hmph*. The characters are all two-dimensional, and the relationship lack chemistry or strong basis for me to believe in them. Sorry book, I don't like you.