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Last Mechanic Standing (L.A. Witt)

Last Mechanic Standing - L.A. Witt

3.5 stars

Well, I liked it.

It helped that Chandler & Mark were sort of an "established couple", so the romance was already built-in, considering that this is a novella. Their biggest obstacle is Mark's homophobic father and the fact that Mark will definitely get kicked out and out of job (while still in deep debt of student loan) if he comes out to his family. So I believed in Chandler and Mark from the very beginning. It was clear that they felt a lot more than just friends with benefits.

The whole blackmail regarding the reality TV was a little over-the-top. But then again, reality TV shows are always wanting to have drama, so what do I know. Maybe it does happen in real life. Which is why I am NOT a fan of story-line involving reality TV *shrugs*