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Boundary Born (Melissa F. Olson)

Boundary Born - Melissa F. Olson

This is another solid follow-up to Boundary Lines. I LOVED knowing more about Lex's ancestry (the fact that Lex's the daughter of draugr, the first boundary witch!) and the possibility of bigger and badder villain in the next books. I really, REALLY liked Lex -- as well as the siblings witches Simon and Lily -- and it was good to see her developed her power.

I also thought that Lex and Quinn was in a good place as a couple, despite Lex went to the whole 'being a martyr' decision near the end -- but I guess I could understand her motive. Besides she was quite a bad ass afterwards, and I loved the fact that she embraced both her soldier part and her witch part when fighting the villain (with her using the knife instead, to kill Lysander. That ending of Quinn saying that it was time to meet Lex's family was cute :)