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Rhythm & Blues (Shae Connor)

Rhythm & Blues - Shae Connor

3.5 stars

Pate is a dancer who suffered from serious knee injury. Now he's back to his hometown in Atlanta to follow his Plan B: opening a dance studio. Ace Samson is a gorgeous contractor who follows up Pate's request for renovation project...

One thing I LOVED from Pate was how grounded to reality he was. Knowing that his injury was serious this time, in which he had to follow regiment of physio and couldn't exactly do a lot of strenuous dance again, he thought of Plan B, which allowed him to still dance but lessening the extent of his injury. I thought that was realistic and I applauded him for it. Often, in stories like these, the characters would be wallowing in misery until they were reminded by their loved ones. Not Pate though.

The relationship with Ace was a bit fast but at the same time it didn't feel instantaneous. They did take time to build the friendship while Ace was working the renovation and Pate dealing with the administrative side of opening a dance studio.

The misunderstanding part didn't feel necessary though. And I was rather annoyed with the friend slash manager, Nina, no matter her reasons. Sure, maybe Pate would need a lot of recommendations so he has to stay in everyone's radar, but darn, I felt like she wasn't listening to Pate's wish or supported his back-up plan.

All in all, I thought this was sweet.