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The Private Secretary (Summer Devon)

The Private Secretary - Summer Devon

Hmmm... I felt that the secondary plot that involved Robert's cousin -- who suffered from autism (based on Summer Devon's blog post) -- and his antics took the spotlight from the romance between Ezra and Robert. I found Ambrose to be a quite appealing as character, although he lacked of understanding in social interaction. He just felt more real than our MCs; his presence strong.

Ezra and Robert were okay, but I thought they lacked chemistry as a couple. It felt like Ezra was quite displeased about Robert (because of Francis) before, although Robert made his case by not playing the arrogant snob that Ezra thought. Anyway, I just didn't really convinced about them, or what led to their first intimacy session at the inn.

Also, when the story started, and Ezra was talking about Francis (and Francis was heartbroken because of Robert's rejection), I was quite confused and thought that this was a sequel to another book about Francis. Kinda took me out of the story right then, and needed a while to get into it.