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Texture Like Sun (Ils Greyhart)

Texture Like Sun - Ils Greyhart

3.5 stars

I took a chance with this one without even reading the blurb after finding out that Ils Greyhart was another name for Aidan Wayne, whose book Loud and Clear I liked. So I was pleasantly surprised when along the way, I discovered that this short story was part of the asexual collection of Less Than Three Press. As an asexual myself, that is always lovely :)

I though Liang and Xerxes' encounters were cute, considering the circumstance of Xerxes being an incubus who feeds of sexual energy, while Liang isn't interested with sex. At all. Instead of being sexually attracted, Liang keeps thinking of different things, like oh, sweater *lol*. ADORABLE.

I would love to find out more about the background or the painting process though. They were mostly glossed over which resulted in a rather incomplete picture of the setting. However, I was pretty charmed with Liang and Xerxes -- Liang most particularly, because he's just a SWEETHEART -- so I could say that I really liked this :).