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The Well Of Tears (R.G. Thomas)

The Well of Tears - R.G. Thomas
3.5 stars

At the end of The Midnight Gardener, we found our hero, Thaddeus Cane, alongside his father, his newly gnome boyfriend Teofil, and Teofil’s family, started their journey into the magical world to find Thaddeus’ mother, the dragon Claire. In this second installment into the series, the quest continued…

Just like in the first novella, I wholeheartedly enjoyed Thomas’s way of describing the atmospheric surroundings … from the Lost Forest, the inhabitants of troll, faeries, and living vines, as well as the tale of how Lost Forest and The Well of Tears came to be. It was fairy tale-ish and I imagined this would be perfect for bed-time stories. We have a quest, magical beings, betrayal, and a young hero who started to find his magical power in times of need.

Other than the previously appearing characters, The Well of Tears introduced a new one – a wood elf by the name of Dulindir, who helped Thaddeus and Teofil discover the missing magical well in order to save Thaddeus’s father. I thought Dulindir fit right in with the traveling group and I looked forward to his future interaction with Astrid, Teofil’s sister.

Potential readers should note that, similar to the first book, this one has an open ending since Thaddeus still has to continue his quest to save his mother from the evil witch, Isadora. I, for one, will definitely be there for the next book.

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