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A Kind of Truth (Lane Hayes)

A Kind of Truth - Lane Hayes

3.75 stars rounded up

This was good -- definitely better than the last three Lane Hayes's books that I read (they were all read last year, by the way). It was pretty straight-forward romance, I liked the main MC, Rand, of being bisexual, and didn't exactly follow some typical reactions of being a musician who needs to suppress his sexuality for the contract/fame.

BUT, despite the sole narrator being Rand, I found myself being in love with Will instead. I thought he rocked!! I loved his strength and his integrity. I loved that he didn't cower down to his family's demands of being in the closet because of their bigotry. Even if everything about him I knew from Rand's perspective, Will was the super star in this book for me. He brought the story home, and I guess I enjoyed the book so much because of him.

I could've done less with another woman as bitchy villain though. That one was getting old. In fact, I thought the villains here were pretty cliché and rather two-dimensional (Leah, Terry, Will's father). Oh, and the whole baby endearment (personal pet peeve, of course) URGH BLECH (thank God for delete function).