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Man's Best Friend (C.B. Lewis)

Man's Best Friend (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side Book 15) - C.B. Lewis

I thought this was ADORABLE. I guess I fell in love with Phillip and his spaniel form, and the way that C.B. Lewis wrote Phillip in his spaniel form. He was SO CUTE!! When it comes to shifter stories, I really like it when the authors write their characters in their shifter form too. So this hit the spot.

In addition to that, I loved the fact that neither Sam nor Phillip acted like this was a forever and ever kind of love. Nope. Not at all. They had fun -- since they were 'trapped' inside the cabin with bad weather and all -- and when Phillip had to leave they also knew they clicked, so they wanted to give it another try next time. It felt more like a happy beginning rather than happily ever after...

AND THAT was convincing for me!! It didn't feel like insta-love considering the short time span. It didn't feel like insta-lust either, because I thought Sam and Phillip had just the right chemistry. Their conversations were fun ... and again, when Phillip shifted to his dog form, I was in love.

So KUDOS for this new-to-me author *happy face*