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Loud and Clear (Aidan Wayne)

Loud and Clear - Aidan Wayne

3.5 stars

I really liked this!!

Disregard the fact that this novella didn't have any sex scenes (YAY for low steam story!) I found that it offered what it meant to be connected and working to build a relationship with someone you like, in a real, down-to-earth, unpretentious kind of way, without basing it on simply lust and sexual attraction. I loved that both men weren't flawless -- Jaxon has severe dyslexia while Caleb has stuttering problems.

They might have misunderstanding in the beginning -- Caleb didn't talk much, but Jaxon couldn't really read Caleb's notes too -- but I liked how they tried to make it work afterwards, using technology, understanding ASL, and such. I also liked how they improved each other's life, so to speak.

Jason had self-confident issue, with people always saying that he was dumb because he couldn't read, plus compared to Caleb, he might was least successful. But Caleb easily knocked that thought out of Jaxon's head and showed that there were many kind of smarts. While Jason didn't look down on Caleb's speech impediment and in fact he was willing to learn ASL to talk to Caleb.

It was sweet novella for sure, perfect for in-between novel read :)